Residential Solarbloom

The most efficient solar solution. It produces 40% more energy annually than a conventional solar rooftop plant.


Unique design

Solarbloom can track the sun from sunrise to sunset thanks to its 180° horizontal rotation capability. In the event of strong winds, it folds into a fully horizontal position.

Quickly available energy

Solarbloom simplifies the experience of the sun. In a matter of hours, your Solarbloom can be delivered, installed and connected to your home, providing clean energy from one simple, stand-alone device.

Smart energy

The Solarbloom will automatically fold up in the event of strong winds. It is very easy to clean in order to preserve the maximum use of sunlight.

Parking spaces

The intelligent Solarbloom provides parking lots with enough power to secure them in any situation. Art combined with smart charging.

Energy storage


The advantage of using batteries in a solar system is that they can provide the additional energy needed during night, cloudy weather or excessive consumption. For households and other applications where the battery is cycled daily, we only use lithium batteries, which are much longer lasting, lighter and more compact.


Secure backup and cost reduction

Whether you want to use the electricity during the day or store it in batteries for later use. SolarBloom panels provide you with the most efficient way to generate solar energy.



We simply LOVE art! And we consider our products to be a work of art. Customize your Solarbloom to match your style. Choose the colour you like best!

Production centre

Made in the EU and UAE
Worldwide shipping
Easy quick assembly by the delivery team.

Technical specification

Solar output4 000 Wp
Peak energy10 000 W
BatteryLiFePo (lithium iron phosphate)
Output power5 000 VA
Maximum efficiency95 %
Output voltage230 VAC +-2%
Nominal capacity10 kWh

Made in EU & UAE

Easy to load on the boat

Easily loaded on the truck

Delivered and composed by our team