Industrial Solarbox

Compact solar plug&play power plant. Easy and fast installation – fully functional within 10 hours. Even on Mars!!


Generating electricity in nature

Our Solarbox can provide enough power for a village in a remote area. Off-grid photovoltaic power plant with its own distribution system and internet access. Worldwide delivery and installation within hours.

Atmospheric water generator

There is water all around us. With the energy generated by Solarbox you can get atmospheric water anywhere on the planet.

Desalination plants

One common way of producing water in arid areas is by desalination of seawater. Power your reverse osmosis machines with Solarboxes.

Growing vegetables in containers

Now we have electricity and water, let’s start farming. The solar box is capable of powering container farming solutions – where using UV lamps you can easily grow basic vegetables anywhere in the world.

“Peak shaving” for companies

In addition to solar energy for direct use, the Solarbox is able to offset high peak energy demands thanks to its battery. This can significantly reduce network-related energy costs.

Energy storage


The advantage of using batteries in a solar system is that they can provide the additional energy needed during night, cloudy weather or excessive consumption. For households and other applications where the battery is cycled daily, we only use lithium batteries, which are much longer lasting, lighter and more compact.


Secure backup and cost reduction

Whether you want to use the electricity during the day or store it in batteries for later use. SolarBox panels provide you with the most efficient way of harvesting solar energy.


Security camera system

Security systems are an essential part of securing your home or business. The presence of security cameras protects against vandalism, while hidden cameras can protect discreetly.

Fast connection

Starlink Internet

Using advanced satellites in low earth orbit, Starlink enables video calling, streaming and other high data rate activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet. Users can expect download speeds between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps in most locations and latency of only 20 ms.



We simply LOVE art! And we consider our products to be a work of art. Customize your Solarbox to match your style. Choose the colour you like best!

Technology package (IoT + monitoring)

IoT (Internet of Things) brings the possibilities of remote monitoring and control of devices that are part of the power plant.

  • 24/7 monitoring of energy consumption
  • Information panel of reports
  • Wireless updates and optimization
  • Physical data measurement
  • Security camera system
  • Cooling and heating

Production centre

Made in the EU and UAE
Worldwide shipping
Easy quick assembly by the delivery team.

Technical specification

Solar output32 760 Wp
Peak energy50 000 W
BatteryLiFePo 90 kWh
Warranty25 years on performance
Output power30 000 VA
Maximum efficiency96 %
Output voltage230 VAC +-2%
InternetStarlink 150-500 Mbps

Made in EU & UAE

Easy to load on the boat

Easily loaded on the truck

Delivered and composed by our team