Floating solar panels

Floating solar power plant for places where you need to power electrical equipment. Thanks to the fast transport, you can now provide energy for your island.


Increase in efficiency

Water surfaces that contain floating solar arrays help to cool the solar equipment, which improves the performance of the solar panels by 5-10%. Over time, this translates into significant cost savings.

No loss of land space

One of the biggest advantages of floating solar panels is that they don’t take up valuable space on the ground – which means they can be used for other purposes, such as agriculture or construction.

Many of these facilities may occupy unused space on water bodies, such as sewage treatment tanks, dams and drinking water reservoirs.

Electricity storage


The advantage of using batteries in a solar system is that they can provide the additional energy needed during night, cloudy weather or excessive consumption.

For households and other applications where the battery is cycled daily, we only use lithium batteries, which are much longer lasting, lighter and more compact.

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