Solar Carpark

Transforming public parking lots into solar car parks is a practical way to provide sunlight protection and harvest solar energy.


Solar car parks

  • Reliable and sustainable energy source
  • Provides sunlight protection for vehicles and people
  • Fast and efficient construction with minimal earthworks and wet building processes
  • Robust engineering and construction to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Online monitoring and reporting systems for real-time data on energy production, consumption, and system performance

Solar electricity utilization

  • Ideal for shopping and sport centers
  • Optimal for public and governmental institutions
  • Source of electricity to charge the cars
  • Renewable energy to power up adjacent building or operations
  • Sustainable diesel genset replacement
  • Remote operations w/out electricity
  • Construction site electricity supply

Source of electricity


As experts in carport design and construction, we specialize in delivering largescale, high-performance carports for corporate customers. Our carports are not limited by size or power output and can serve as photovoltaic power plants, providing your company with a self-sufficient source of electricity.


Turnkey solution

Our comprehensive turnkey solution includes everything from designing a customized carport that meets your specific needs to handling all engineering requirements, obtaining building permits, securing approvals and licenses. With our expertise, we can ensure a fast implementation of your project, with complex construction work eliminated thanks to our unique construction technology.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Protection and EV charger

For businesses interested in our carport/charging station solution, we can help you realize the benefits of a custom-designed carport that not only protects your vehicles but generates electricity and helps reduce your carbon footprint.