Solarroof OnGrid 5 kWp – starting at 9,990 € incl. VAT

Price includes delivery and installation, option to get 1,500€ subsidy is included.

PanelsELERIXSolar Mono Crystalline
No. of panels10 pcs
Panel output500Wp
Max. panel output5kWp
InverterHuawei SUN2000 5KTL M1
No. of inverter phases3-phase symmetric
Max. inverter output5kWp
Type of support structureFor gable roof*
System production monitoringYes
Household consumption monitoringFor 600€ surcharge
Project documentationYes
DC/AC fuse, surge protection and revisionYes
Safety disconnectorYes
Installation and consumable materialYes**
Network connection equipmentYes***
Option to additionally expand with
Yes, to 1-phase
Virtual battery optionYes, help with selection
Option to additionally expand with panelsYes

All prices include VAT
*In case of installation on a flat root, the difference to gable roof will be added.
**The installation price includes the standard amount of installation material used for the offered solution; it does not include the price of additional grounding if your household does not have a lightning rod.
***The price includes project documentation, application submission and communication with the distribution company, which are necessary to connect to the distribution network. The local distribution company ZSD, SSD or VSD decides about the connection.

The calculation is approximate. 35° angle of the panels facing south in the location of Bratislava with average losses of 14% were used for the calculation. The final system production depends on the intensity of sunlight, location, roof shape, orientation and angle of the panels, as well as age of the system.