Neocube battery is proud to announce our High Voltage energy storage system
serving the commercial/industrial/grid level customers – NeoCube series.


NeoCube series products with its modular design concept, enables the highest flexibility both for rack mounted and container based constructions, giving the flexibilities for customer to deploy the system nearly in any nodes in the grid, supporting the services such as emergency power, new energy stabilizer, energy shifting, load shaving, grid stabilizer. Our extensive experience in battery energy storage system, vertical industrial chain consolidation and best in class ROI makes NRG22 NeoCube your most trusted energy system. 

Vertically integrated the whole lithium battery industrial chain

Key features:

  • Vertical industry intergration chain
  • Modular design with different density, suits all scenarios.
  • Flixible voltage range from IOOVDC to IOOOVDC.
  • Three layer management system design delivers highest reliablitiy.
  • T Rack mounted or container based system configuration

Layout of the Container

Battery Management system

ModelsSC0500- 100SSC1000-100SSC1000-200E
Related ProductX1H1/H2 M1
Controller Working Voltage100~430Vdc200~1000Vdc220Vac
System Operation Voltage100~430Vdc200~1000Vdc0~1000Vdc
Charge Current (Max.) (A)100100200
Discharge Voltage (Vdc)100~430200-10000~1000
Discharge Current (Max.)(A)100100200
Self-Consumption Power(W)888
Dimension (W*D*H,mm)442*390*132442*390*132330*628*150.5
Protection ClassIP20IP20IP20
Weight (kg)
Operation Life15years15years15years
Operation Temperature-20~65°C-20~65°C-20~65°C
Storage Temperature-40~80°C-40~80°C-40~80°C
Product CertificateTŰV, CETŰV, CETŰV, CE

Battery Module

Capacity (kWh)2.403.554.74
Nominal Voltage (Vdc)484832
Nominal Capacity (AH)5074148
Voltage Range (Vdc)45-5445-5430-36
Depth of Discharge80%(10-90%)80%(10-90%)80%(10-90%)
Dimension (W*D*H, mm)442*390*100442*390*132330*628*150.5
Protection ClassIP20IP20IP20
Weight (kg)243248
Operation Life10+Years10+Yearsl0+Years
Operation Cycle Life400040004000
Operation Temperature0-50°C0-50°C0-50°C
Product CertificateTŰV, CETŰV, CETŰV, CE

Energy Storage System

Battery System Capacity {kWh)16.83642.62108.93
Battery System Voltage {Vdc)336720576736
Battery System Capacity {AH)505074148
Battery ModuleH48050H48050H48074H32148
Battery Module Capacity {kWh)2.402.403.554.74
Battery Module Quantity (pes)7151223
Battery System Charge Upper-Voltage (Vdc)378810648828
Battery System Charge Current {Standard)10101530
Battery System Charge Current {Normal)25253774
Battery System Charge Current {Max.)505074148
Battery System Discharge Lower-Voltage {Vdc)315675540690
Depth of Discharge80%(10-90%)80%(10-90%)80%(10-90%)80%(10-90%)
Dimension (W*D*H,mm)600*505*1300600*505*2140600*505*2140815*659*2130
Weight (kg)2504004501,250
Operation Life10+Years10+Years10+Years10+Years
Operation Cycle Life3,53,53,53,5
Operation Temperature0-50°C0-50°C0-50°C10-40°C
Storage Temperature-20-60°C-20-60°C-20-60°C-20-60°C
Battery Modules Qty.{Optional)3-7pes5-15pes5-12pes1-23pes
Product CertificateTŰV, CETŰV, CETŰV, CETŰV, CE




20 ft High Voltage System Container40 ft High Voltage System Container
System Capacity (MWh)1.32.6
System Voltage Range (Vdc)736(690-828)736(690-828)
Dimension (W*D*H,M)6.058×2.438×2.89612.l92x2.438×2.896
Weight (Ton)1835
Ambient Temperature-20-50°C-20-50°C

System design can be customized according to the requirement